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Awards, Honors, and Prizes

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Awards - Books/Writing

Book Awards

Poetry Society of America Awards


Awards - Music

CMA Awards

Grammy Awards

Tony Awards


Awards - Movies

Academy Awards

Golden Raspberry Awards "Razzies"

Oscars (Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences)


Awards - Television

Emmy Awards


Awards - Web/Internet

Weblog Awards ("Bloggies")

Webby Awards

Web 2.0 Awards

Honors & Prizes

Congressional Gold Medal Winners

Congressional Medal of Honor Recipients

Nobel Prize Internet Archive


Pritzker Architecture Prize

Pulitzer Prizes 



General Awards, Honors & Prizes

Yahoo! maintains good listings of awards, honors and prizes in the following areas:


Many more awards are listed at the Librarian's Index to the Internet


Please send link suggestions and comments to the library web manager.


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