Calculators and Conversions

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Calculators and other Conversion Tools


Asknumbers.com online conversions between different metrics of length, weight, temperature, pressure, energy, frequency and more.


CalculateMe.com calculation and conversion utility offers a quick and easy interface to popular conversions.




Good Calculators "A collection of really good online calculators"


Inflation Calculator calculates the change in prices of all goods and services purchased for consumption by urban households from one year to another.


Living Wage Calculator


MegaConverter converts many values, and provides links to other converters.


Meta-Calculator  Offers graphing, matrix, scientific and statistics calculators


OnlineConversion can convert between 5,000 units of measurement.


Knovel Unit Converter converts engineering related units of measurement.


From the NIST Physics Laboratory:

Physical Reference Data

Constants, Units & Uncertainty 



Random Number Generator

Currency Converters


"Full" Universal Currency Converter (tm) contains currency information on 180 currencies in over 250 geographical locations, and calcuates one currency into another.


Interactive Currency Table (tm) allows you to set a base currency, and see how it is converted into several countries' rates.

Rubicon's World Exchange Rates allows you to set a base currency, and see how it is converted into several countries' rates.

OANDA Currency Converter


Current Value of Old Money lists sources for historical prices of commodities, historical value of money, etc.


Statistics Calculators


Raosoft sample size calculator recommends a sample size based on your acceptable margin of error, confidence level, and population size.


Chi-square test calculator for the analysis of crosstab survey data


VassarStats: Website for Statistical Computation





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