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States, Counties, and Cities

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States, Counties, and Cities

United States

American FactFinder-Community Facts Enter a state, county, city, town, or zip code.

Book of the States

Capital Impact

Council of State Governments
50 States and Capitals
FedStats MapStats census/population & congressional/judicial districting

Foreign Relations of the US: Office of the Historian, US Dept. of State

State And Local Government on the Net

State Regulations Resource Locator-links to environmental resource info for each state
National Conference of State Legislatures
Wikipedia - map and table of U.S. States
Stateline - state-level news reports
State Government Redistricting

States Perform

US HomeTownLocator - State Gazetteers, maps, etc.

U.S. State and Territory Online Encyclopedias



Florida counties (FEFDL)

National Association of Counties
US Census Bureau State & County QuickFacts


Cities - General

City Data Portals

U.S. Gazetteer
World Chamber of Commerce - World-wide site that allows you to search by city for business and community information.    


Cities - Specific

Encyclopedia of Chicago

Historic Places - Los Angeles



Find information on Florida cities, officials, departments, courts and legal system, geography, newspapers, as well as statistics.

Florida Handbook "The book for fact finding concerning the State of Florida: it's government, people and lands."

Historical Florida Handbooks (1947-2012)

Florida Statistical Abstract


Alachua County

Alachua County, FL (County Board)
Alachua County (FEFDL)


Gainesville, FL



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